Our next stop in Ecuador was the adventure town of Baños. Situated in the Central Highlands, the town is surrounded by towering mountains and beautiful waterfalls.

For our first activity we rented a buggy and took off along the ruta de las cascadas. Driving a long the roads winding mountain with crazy Ecuadorean drivers overtaking at every opportunity was a hair raising experience. It was even more dangerous on the way back when Jen decided to drive. The road went through tunnels and along the side of the canyon giving us spectacular views.

At the end of the loop we parked our buggy and hiked down into the canyon for an up close view of the Devil’s Cauldron. There was a path cut into the rock leading to a cave behind the waterfall which allowed you to experience the powerful gushing waterfall up close.

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After surviving the return trip to Banos with Jen behind the wheel we headed up to Casa de Arbol, a treehouse and swing giving amazing views over the city.

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The next day in Banos happened to be a rainy day. We spent the morning playing an intense game of Janga and watching Netflix. In the afternoon we decided to venture out and climb what felt like a million steps to the top of the mountain to try another swing. This one appeared to be a little more dangerous because our harness was literally tied to a very worn out piece of rope.


Our last day in Banos was another action packed one, Tristan got up early to go canyoning. Slipping, sliding and abseiling down lots of waterfalls in the rainforest. In the afternoon we headed to Parque Aventura for some zip lining. The first zipline was headfirst down into the gorge, zooming over the river. At the end you feel like you are about to crash into the cliff wall but the brakes come on at the last second (lucky we were in the brace position). After the zipline we headed across a long bouncy suspension bridge with our trusty guide running out in front of us bouncing and swinging the bridge as much as possible. At the end of the bridge you reach the base of the cliff and climb up about 200metres over the raging river. We reached the top with shaky legs and then it was off on the final zipline back to the other side of the river.


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