Somehow we managed to survived the 19 hour bus trip to Mancora, hopping off in the early morning into some brilliant sunshine and a swarm of clamoring tuk tuk drivers. Tristan negotiated a price with one of the drivers which he thought was so reasonable that he tipped the driver but actually turned out to double the normal fare. Our packs were tied on to the tuk-tuk with a bit of string and we were off!

Mancora is a small rustic beach side town close to the Ecuadorean border. A short bouncy ride along some dusty streets and we arrived at our ecolodge retreat. We dropped off our bags and then it was off to the beach for the first time since Uruguay!

The next few days we spent soaking up a bit of sunshine, swimming and enjoying some beautiful sunsets. We even tried to start a bit of a health kick with some runs along the beach and a yoga class! Although given Tristan’s inflexibility and general ineptitude at this may be something that won’t be repeated on the trip.DSC02297DSC02298DSC02301DSC02304DSC02309DSC02314


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