It was a long and bouncy ride from Cotopaxi National Park sitting in the back of a trooper but we somehow managed to make without Jen using the sick bag! We were very nervous about checking into our first “party” hostel of the trip. Things were off to a good start when we turned up just in for Trivia!! We joined a team with fellow some fellow travellers we had met in Cotopaxi and finished up a respectable third place and were in bed by 11pm.
The next day we wondered around the streets of downtown Quito and happened to stumble across a parade in the square. Next it was off to visit the Basílica del Voto Nacional for a fantastic view across the city.

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Our last night at the hostel did not prove quite so tame as the first when we indulged in a few too many happy hour specials and somehow ended up piling into a taxi with a few new friends for a night out in Quito. It turned out to be a bit of a random night with shots, fish bowls, running into friends from Wollongong and from a our Dragoman trip!

It was a sad and sorry Tristan and Jen the next morning, struggling to pack their bags in time for the 11am check out so we could attempt to make the bus to Mindo.


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