The next stop on our Colombian journey was the gritty city of Cali, known as the home of salsa! We had told ourselves that we were having no more dancing lessons after the mangling of the Tango in  Buenos Aires. Nevertheless, we somehow found ourselves in small, sweaty room filled with about 20 other backpackers trying to follow our enthusiastic instructors as the salsa music blared. We put up a valiant effort but eventually Salsa defeated us and we retired to the cool night air and our cervazas. Once again vowing to stay clear of any dance lessons.

Earlier that day we had taken on the advice of some fellow travellers to climb the cerro de las tres cruces, three crosses high in the mountains overlooking the city. We had read that it was best to go early in the morning for the climb but for some reason decided not to heed this advice instead setting off in the middle of the day. It was a long, brutal climb to the peak in the burning sun with little respite in the shade. We regretted our early morning indolence but continued on. Along the way we were being passed by many locals running up and then somehow managing a work out at the Flinstones gym at the top.

When we finally reached the top we rewarded ourselves with a fresh juice whilst we relaxed and took in the views of the city.DSC02771DSC02774DSC02778DSC02782DSC02787


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