23rd of June- It was time to say goodbye to Ecuador and head across the border into Colombia. We passed through immigration on the Ecuadorean side and then had to walk across a bridge with our bags into Colombia. Once through Colombian immigration, Tristan negotiated a price with the first person that approached him to take us to a nearby town where we would catch a bus to Popayan.

A price was agreed and the man took us to his car which turned out to be just his personal car and not an official “taxi”. Nevertheless, albeit with a growing level concern on Jen’s behalf, we piled in with our bags. The man then proceeded to drive us in a circle around the immigration building before asking us to hop out of his car and hop into another one. For obvious reasons Jen was furious at Tristan for not listening to her in the first place. We grabbed our bags and took off in the opposite direction. It was a strange and slightly concerning welcome to Colombia!

We eventually made it to Popayan and had more taxi trouble when our driver dropped us off 10 blocks from our hostel! It was with some relief that we finally checked into our hostel before heading out for a delicious Lebanese meal for a first night in Colombia!

The next day we spent exploring the small colonial city of popayan. The city is known as the “white city” as the buildings all have white facades. We took off on a run up a nearby hill overlooking the city and were rewarded with some lovely views.



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