The Coffee Region

Our first stop on our tour of the coffee region was a little romantic cabana set in the lush green forest outside of Armenia. We enjoyed a couple days relaxing in the tranquil setting with views from our deck out to the forest. It was a short walk from our room down to a nearby river with a small waterfall with a refreshing dip.

It was then off to the town of Salento which is nestled between the gorgeous green mountains of which the coffee region is famous for. The town itself is filled with traditional brightly coloured houses. We were “glamping” in the grounds of a hostel a short walk from the town. We were again treated with some amazing views from our tent.

In Salento we met up with our friends for a night of beers and Tejo. What is Tejo you ask? It is Colombia’s national past-time which naturally involves lots of explosions! The game consists of throwing a rock at a ring of small packages filled with gunpowder. When you are on target you were rewarded with a very satisfying KABOOM!!


The next day we jumped in the back of a jeep and were off to Valle de Corcora, The day did not start well as we trudged through deep mud with the rain pouring down. We eventually made it up through the dense cloud forest to a small cafe serving hot chocolate where we we could see lots of hummingbirds buzzing around and feeding!

Finally, as we began our final ascent the rain cleared and the sun came out giving us incredible views of the valley and the famous wax palms! The plans are Colombia’s national tree and are the largest plans in the world at over 60m high! The towering palms were an impressive sight set in the brilliant green valley.

Of course a trip to the coffee region would not be complete with a tour of a coffee plantation and we trekked to a nearby farm to hear about the process of growing, picking and roasting the coffee beans. At the end of tour we enjoyed a nice freshly brewed cup and then it was off on the overnight bus to Bogota!


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